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Screen Printing & Embroidery Services For Local New Jersey Businesses

What better way to show off your brand, organization or  business than to get some custom printed and embroidered merchandise. More and more companies around the country today are turning to their local screen printing and embroidery companies to gear up with some custom t-shirts and various other apparel. Team member uniforms don’t only make your company stand out, rather make your company look professional. With the vast demand for local screen printing companies growing – so is the amount of screen printing and embroidery shops opening up.

With that said its easier than ever put together an order for custom printed apparel. . Some businesses, like a restaurant for example, require that the staff wear a hat in order to avoid hair falling

into food. Some organizations require certain types of clothing in order to abide by modest customs of some religions. So really the first step is to decide what exactly you are looking to have customized. Assuming you’ve figured out what you need it’s time to find a company that can take care of this order for you. It might be easy to just search on Google “Screen Printing Company In New Jersey” – but it is really more than just finding the ranking company on a search engine. Try to find some reviews about the company – you don’t want to go with the company who spends tons of money on advertising while and not completing orders in time. From there the rest is based on the company you are choosing to move along with, but the general process


screen-printing-new-jerseyis the same. Prepare and send artwork to the company, place your order and patiently wait for your order to be completed.

As easy at that you can have your own custom printed apparel. On the left you can see hats we embroidered for Indoor Extreme Sports, which has 2 locations around the Tri State area. They are an indoor sports complex with Extreme Laser Tag, Paintball fields and much more. Their design is a simple and elegant shield on the front of a hat which is not too excessive but still gets the point across.